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Commercial Pool Companies Near Me

Commercial Pool Contractors


OUR Mission

To design and build swimming pools and water features that create enduring value for our clients while maintaining prosperous relationships with our customers and employee owners. 


OUR Vision

To be the leader in all aspects of aquatic design and construction.


OUR Values

Do the right thing through Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork

Aquatic Technologies Team
Commercial Pool Companies Near Me

Employee Owned Company

About Aquatic Technologies

Aquatic Technologies was formed in 1997 through the partnership of three industry professionals, Ken Hart, David Hart and Andy Taylor. Together, they used their industry experience of more than fifty years as the foundation for their new construction company. Ken Hart serves as the Company President and used his years of sales contacts to obtain the initial clients for the newly formed company. David is the Executive Vice President and Andy is the Vice President of Construction.


It has always been a priority for the Company to be much more than just a sales office. Aquatic Technologies is a full service commercial pool construction company that can take any size project from conceptual design to the finished product. Aquatic Technologies builds all types of pool and water features, from a small quiet courtyard fountain to a water park complete with slides and all kinds of water toys.


Aquatic Technologies employs their own plumbers, electricians, and superintendents who are part of an in-house labor force that is used to insure each of the projects is built to their high standard of quality. According to Andy Taylor, "By having our own crews building the heart of each project we can insure things are built our way, not the easiest way, but the right way." It is this Company mindset that has earned Aquatic Technologies the reputation of putting their clients first and doing what ever it takes to build the project the best possible way.

Proudly serving CA, AZ, ID and NV. So if your plans call for any type of commercial pool, spa, cold plunge or water feature, let Aquatic Technologies help your ideas come to life!

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